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7 Superb Short Films Shot With Cellphones

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It’s not just music videos that are being shot on cellphones these days. Short films are, too. Even full-length films are being shot on mobile devices — Oldboy director Chan-wook Park’s Paranmanjang will soon be released in movie theaters, for example.

We’ve found seven superb short films — documentary, action, and even the world’s smallest stop-motion movie — that have been shot on cellphones. So, grab some popcorn and have a look through our gallery of great mobile-made clips. Let us know in the comments which ones you like best.

1. BMX

Filmed and edited by Lenaic Marechal on a Nokia N8, this bike-themed short shows off some great BMXing skills, as well as some great cell-phone cinematography.

2. Golden Harvest

Shot on the Panasonic Lumix GH1 and the iPhone 4, this is a lovely montage of harvest-time activity. The director reveals some tricks of the trade in the video description -- the time-lapse shot was snapped on the iPhone attached to a home-made tractor dolly with Legos and Blu-Tack!

3. The Commuter

Shot in four days by the McHenry Brothers, Nokia's official showcase film for the N8 stars some big names -- Pamela Anderson, Ed Westwick, Dev Patel and Charles Dance all make appearances.

4. Apple of My Eye

Director Michael Koerbel shot this entirely on the iPhone 4 and edited it in iMovie -- all within 48 hours. The $103 budget shows how much you can achieve with very little.

5. 156 Turns

Billed as the "first corporate iPhone 4 film," 156 Turns takes you inside the world of motorcycle racing at the 2010 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

6. Dot

Another Nokia-backed project sees "the world's smallest stop-motion animation character" filmed on an N8, thanks to the addition of Professor Fletcher's "CellScope" microscope attachment.

7. Space Balloon

Luke Geissbuhler and his son Max launched an iPhone into space from the unlikely location of Newburgh, NY. They posted this incredible video once the photo made it back down to Earth.

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