Friday, 30 April 2010

Voiceover Artist Alison Pitman adds her 'Voice' to the Priministerial Leaders Debate

I have to declare an interest - I am a political geek and have watched all the Leaders Debates and the analysis that follows with great enthusiasm. Debates that could have easily turned out to be an uninspiring spectacle have turned the Election on its head and given the opportunity of a coalition government or hung parliament a real possibility. So I was absolutely delighted to get the chance to watch the last debate with a group of Bristol based business people in the company of SKY News. After the TV debate, the SKY journalist interviewed each of us to gather our initial response and opinion about the success or not of the debate and the 3 speakers. I was reliably informed that our comments would be aired throughout this morning on SKY news - sadly haven't had a chance to check whether that was true. I'm hoping that my snappy soundbite " Nick Clegg has got the common touch -he's the Cheryl Cole of politics" might make it onto the screen :))
It was a lovely evening - nice to see, meet and network with new people. Working from my home studio, I don't often get to go out in the real world. So it did make a pleasant change. And I must make a effort to attend more networking events this year.
I doubt this particular TV appearance will generate much voiceover exposure, but it was nice to get more TV interview experience to follow on from my recent radio interviews to promote my British Accent App.

Lets hope the Election ends with the right result!

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