Friday, 16 January 2009

Improve your online sales – Make your website talk

The latest trend in website marketing is the use of a speaking animated character or avatar to engage with customers when they visit your website. According to research, these characters can help increase your conversion and sales results, increase the time visitors spend on your site, and, provide your company with that all important competitive edge! In addition, a major benefit is that your information and sales message is reinforced through sight and sound. Your website can talk directly to the customer letting them know what you can offer them in a welcoming and professional manner.

Sites like allow you to create and customise your own animation to fit with the image and personality of the products and services you are promoting. So when you’re choosing what hair colour, age, clothing your character is going to wear, why not think about customizing the audio to match? Although these sites give you the option of their text to speech service its worth considering the benefits of using a professional voiceover artist to record your message.

The sound of a real human voice can really make the difference. Text to speech applications are becoming more and more sophisticated but they are still no substitute for the real human voice. The human ear can detect a synthesized voice immediately while most people will respond to the natural cadence and emotions present in a real live human voice.

In addition, a professional voiceover can bring all their experience of reading a powerful and persuasive sales message. You can also choose a voice to suit your customers expectations – clients can choose a voice to brand their company. A sound which reflects the image and values that their company holds.

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