Tuesday, 7 October 2008

10 Ways To Use Audio on Your Website

I've just created my first Squidoo Lens! Click here to find out 10 Ways to Use Audio on your Website


Sam Deeks said...

Hi Alison
Sorry to disagree, but the first 5 or 6 points on your list are absolute no-no's for us!

We make audio podcasts, audio testimonials and case studies so are 100% behind the power of the human voice.

In our experience audio has to be 'permission based' to work. Anything that plays without invitation (music or words) is horrible - even if you do provide controls.

On the other hand there's nothing so intimate, powerful, challenging and interesting as voices talking about the stuff you need / want to know in your ears while you're doing that boring commute!

Jess said...

"mmmm, I see there can be a few advantages here, will have to do a little more research".
Thank you for the great information.

evision said...

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